"Fit" in Therapy

Healing occurs within the context of deep, sincere relationships. While all of our therapists have advanced training in a diversity of therapeutic models and techniques, each will also contribute their own unique style to the relationship. Similarly, we recognized that each client we treat is unique in their own right and so much more than a diagnosis or "problem." In order to build a healing relationship, the client's experience of "fitting" with their therapist style is imperative. We encourage you to browse our therapist's bios and explore what your best "fit" might be. 

"The person with understanding does not know and judge as one who stands apart and unaffected; but rather, as one united by a specific bond with the other, he thinks with the other and undergoes the situation with him" Gadamer

Questions to Consider

  • Do I feel liked and respected?
  • Are we able to connect?
  • Can we join together in discomfort?
  • Does my therapist make me aware of things I didn't see before?
  • Do I feel understood?