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What do I do for a living? I meet with people and talk about the most intimate aspect of their lives. It's not a bad job and I love the work I get to do. While I often draw from a variety of psychological techniques, I am firmly rooted in psychodynamic/psychoanalytic theory which is a really fancy way of saying I believe authentic relationships bring about sincere change in people. As such, I work hard to create a trusting, comfortable space to help clients explore their goals and experience sincere growth.

I've been working at this for over 8 years and have earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and M.A. in Theology. While I have worked with a large variety of patients and presenting problems, I specialize in working with trauma, depression, anxiety, sexuality, spirituality, creativity, and relationships.

Don't see something you are struggling with there? Don't worry about it. Feel free to reach out and we can see if I will be a good fit for you, and if not, I'll try and make a referral for someone who is.

Matt Varnell, Ph.D., Raleigh and Chapel Hill Offices, 707-701-3284