I am a psychodynamically-oriented therapist that works with individuals experiencing disruptions in their overall sense of self, whereby there is an emergence or increase in psychological symptoms that become more difficult to manage. Speaking generally, I work with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, mood swings, impulsivity, obsessions, psychosomatic problems, and/or relationship difficulties. I honor the autonomy of those that work with me and do not teach them how to live more fully by providing them consistent instruction, but I listen deeply and aid them in recognizing and altering the underlying conflicts that have brought them to this point.

As part of working in depth, I see the uniqueness of the psychotherapy relationship as being a significant agent of change. As such, I aid individuals in reworking problematic ways of relating to others and themselves by exploring the dynamics of the therapeutic relationship.

I have over a decade of experience providing mental health care, working in three directorial positions and as an outpatient therapist. Part of my professional development has been to undergo my own psychoanalysis.

Jacob Long, LPCA; Raleigh Office, 919-408-3212 x25