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My education and life experiences have contributed to my passion helping others achieve their goals. I have been studying and/or practicing psychology for the last 16 years, but also participated in the professional workforce for much of that time. Learning to juggle my passion and my work as an account manager in the medical field has given me valuable perspective and ability to relate with both personal and professional dilemmas.

I have learned from and worked alongside some of the most innovative and inspiring practitioners and researchers through this journey, gaining experience with various patient populations along the way. I also pursued and completed post graduate specialized training in Intuitive Eating because of the unique insight it provided into an eating approach that was healing, sustainable, and truly life-changing.

I am incredibly passionate about the opportunity to work with you because I firmly believe you have many strengths and abilities that have helped you thus far. Let's work with those strengths and delve into what makes you happy, excited and overjoyed; because within that place, we will find keys to managing the worry, the sadness, the regret and the grief. We can turn them into rough patches that can be overcome.



Looking for answers? Seeking a solution for you or your loved one?  Learning difficulties, focus problems, or feeling as though you or your child aren’t living up to potential? Let’s have a conversation to determine whether a psychological assessment will help you get closer to your goals. While the new school year brings a fresh start, it can often be very frustrating when great intentions are not enough to produce the results that you or your child are seeking.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Learning Disabilities, and Psychological Disorders often adversely impact one’s ability to function and thrive.  When these challenges are not adequately addressed, it can be disheartening when so much potential is hidden beneath the disorders.   

If you are struggling to find answers for why you or your child are underperforming in school or consistently failing to follow through on goals, a psychological assessment or psycho-educational evaluation may provide the valuable information needed to determine next steps.

I take pride in providing comprehensive assessments, evaluating information from multiple sources and administering targeted tests to find answers.  The assessment concludes with a readable report and recommendations to connect you with further resources and specific steps to get you closer to your goals.

Amy Rauch, Psy.D.; Raleigh Office, 919-907-8412